Welcome to Nestor Systems Limited

Nestor Systems Limited has been providing I.T. Consulting services to our clients for over 30 years.  Throughout these years we’ve witnessed major changes in technology and have continued to learn and adapt to ensure that we can provide the best service to our clients.


Our Goal

Our goal is to be your technology partner, ensuring that you can leverage the right level of technology to support your business and improve your bottom line. We want to grow with you, support you, and enjoy mutual success.

Our Clientele

Our clients have included: various Ontario government ministries; large financial and telecommunication enterprises; as well as small and medium businesses.

Our Services Include:



We will review and document your requirements and existing business processes to see how they align. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but we will suggest tune-ups if/where necessary.



We can redesign you existing processes to better fit your requirements, or design new processes, with or without new technology to allow you to maximize your time in growing your business.  We don’t believe in implementing new technology for technology’s sake.


Project & Program Management

We have extensive experience in Project & Program Management and can ensure that any development is completed efficiently. Often, our experience in Business/Systems Analysis, as well as Application Development, has been utilized to improve client Project and Program Management processes.